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Bonnietta Shanks aka Beni

Flirty Entertainment! The best GOGO dancers and Promo Models in the Central Valley

Are you looking for Gogo dancers for your next club event, music event, or festival? Looking for Promo models to work crowds or participate in your fashion show? well look no further!

We are Flirty Entertainment! We provide Classy and top notch gogo dancers and promo models for various events. We are located in Fresno, CA. and we have girls in Los Angeles as well! Our GoGo dancers and Models are also willing to travel!

We have resident go-go dancers at bliss nightclub in Fresno, upcoming go-go dancers at the Den in Lemoore, and The Edge in Fresno. We have worked with bands (Like Pirate Radio), have had club nights at Club Thaiphoon in Fresno, car shows (Like the annual Renegade events), and other promo events. Some of our girls have worked at Electronic music festivals as well. Our models have also participated and various promo events and fashion shows throughout Fresno.

If you're interested, Please contact Chad!


Here are a few sample pictures:


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