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LJ'ers interested in Fresno, CA
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2nd-Feb-2009 03:13 pm - Lost Dog
Black and white husky mix. Blue eyes.

Last seen at Gettysburg and Millbrook, 2/1/2009 at 3pm.

Please message me if you have any information.
30th-Jan-2009 09:40 pm - justin james at typhoon tattoo
<lj-cut text="tattoo pics">                 </lj-cut>
17th-Jan-2009 06:37 pm - fresh and easy
Does anyone know when the Fresh and Easy on Tulare and R is scheduled to open it's doors?
3rd-Jan-2009 10:47 am(no subject)
Melodica Erotica

BTW... if you haven't yet, add NOtown to your friends list on myspace so you can know all about the best derby action in town!


We also have a blog!

24th-Dec-2008 12:24 am - Hey Fresno...want some fun?
johnny flip
Hello my fellow fresnians....fresnoians....fresnins? Anyway.....Come one come all! Bring your mother, your brother and you sister too (provided they are all 21 or older) to the next great DERBY BENEFIT...brought to you by No Town Roller Derby(formerly Smog City Roller Grrls)!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Click thusly,

Roller Derby fun!Collapse )
Time is running out for enrolling for Winter Art Camp! We are so excited about teaching stop-motion animation to students ages 8-15.

Camp is 5 days long, from Jan. 5 - 9th

8:30am - 12:30

Don't let your kids stay at home playing video games during their winter break. Keep the creative juices flowing! It's only $50 for the whole week. That's only $10 per day for the most technologically advanced art camp to date!

For more info and to download a registration form, go here:


Don't forget, it's not the Met!
13th-Dec-2008 11:40 pm - Cheap firewood/Duraflame logs?
blind melon bee cat
Where is the cheapest place to get Duraflame logs or firewood in Fresno? About how much can I expect it to cost? Thanks.
5th-Dec-2008 09:14 pm - Derby keeps on rollin in Fresno!
This post is addressed to the wonderful fans and supporters of The Smog City Roller Grrls.

It was with great sadness that at the end of our 2008 season our founder and leader retired and the name of Smog City retired. We WILL still be rolling and we WILL still be battling, just under a new name. A new Board of Directors was appointed to continue the sport or roller derby in Fresno, CA and it is with great pleasure that we introduce NOtown Roller Derby and the Raisin' Hell Derby Diablas. You might recognize many familiar veteran faces that you have come to love, but we have also welcomed many FRESH MEAT skaters into our derby family and look forward to watching their skills and talent grow on and off the track. We wish to carry on the legacy of SCRG and write a new chapter in our book. We anticipate that our first season under a new name and leadership will be successful, and we hope that our FANTASTIC FANS continue to support us in our endeavor to bring an exciting sport to the City of Fresno!!! We WILL continue to put on great shows.

Be on the look out for us next season at the Fresno Fair Grounds!

Much Derby Love,
Kim Burly, #1337
NOtown Roller Derby (formerly Smog City)
3rd-Dec-2008 10:29 am(no subject)
Are there any flea markets or swap meets in Fresno?
If so... are they worth going?

28th-Nov-2008 03:17 pm(no subject)
anybody know if there is a place in fresno/fresno area that will rent out mascot costume heads only? just the oversized head

something along the lines of: http://www.dalemortonstudio.com/mascotgallery/content/categories/StockCharacters.aspx?xT=&xH=&Page=3

just need to use 3 heads for a project. any help would be appreciated.
20th-Oct-2008 10:28 pm(no subject)
Which is better
Fright Night in Clovis
or Hobb's Grove?
6th-Oct-2008 11:39 pm(no subject)
Anyone know any good corn mazes in Fresno?
blind melon bee cat
The in-laws are coming for a visit and we'd like to entertain them while they are here. What are your suggestions for the best places to take out-of-town visitors and tourists and show them a fun time while giving the best impression of Fresno? Thanks.
15th-Sep-2008 09:44 pm - Officiant
I'm looking for someone and I have few details.  She is an Officiant, middle aged, has shortshort brown hair and performs ceremonies any way you like.  She's done wedding services for several people I know and I really liked her.  But I don't remember her name.  If anyone knows who I'm talking about with such vague details please let me know!  Thanks Fresno(and surrounding areas ;)!!!
4th-Sep-2008 03:34 am(no subject)
Aretha Marvin Snape
Sometime yesterday, somebody broke into my boyfriend's house in Visalia and stole my necklace. I'm BEGGING everyone to PLEASE let me know if you see it at a pawn shop or jewelry reseller.

Please e-mail me (mystik00769@hotmail.com) or comment here if you see this necklace somewhere that it normally shouldn't be. These aren't sold in any stores anywhere near here.

Thanks in advance everyone. Sorry for the minor off-topicness.
31st-Aug-2008 03:27 am - Looking for farms...
companion cube!
Fall is less than a month away...any good placces for pumpkins/haunted hay rides/corn mazes/etc?

How about organic and affordable farms in the area?  And organic/free-range chicken/beef?

Thanks :)  I'm in Lemoore so the closer south, the better!
Hosted By: Viberite

When: Saturday August 30th, 2008

Time: 9:00 pm - ???

Where: Yearz (in downtown fresno)
2348 Ventura Ave.
Fresno, California 93728

All ages, bar for the 21+
5.00 before 10:00 PM

14th-Aug-2008 09:10 pm - internet cafe?
I just moved to Fresno and I'm looking for a good internet cafe/ coffee shop with free Wi-Fi. Anyone know of any good places (particularly in the north Fresno area)?

Thanks :)
11th-Aug-2008 11:54 pm - New Car? Advice

I have a new job in Coalinga but want to live somewhere that is a bit more populated. I've tried Lemoore but a lot of their apartments are full already. I decided to try Fresno for a bit even though it's an hour away. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Also, does anyone have any recommendations on where to buy a car in Fresno or surrounding area?

Thank you!
29th-Jul-2008 02:56 pm - Halloween Costume Events
Anyone know of costume halloween events in Fresno?
28th-Jul-2008 07:02 pm(no subject)
Mark Ryden Heart
Hello, I'm new to this community. I was searching for Vegan Fresno Communities on LJ (if there isn't such a community, then I will start one). I wanted to find one so I could ask questoins about shopping Vegan in Fresno.
8th-Jul-2008 10:58 pm - fresno area discount eyeglasses
mathew young
hi there folks... does anyone know of any discount eyeglass stores around fresno? there was a place i used to go to back in milwaukee called, appropriately enough, the "$18 eyeglass store" where i bought several pairs i was very pleased with. you know, all non-name-brand stock, and takes about a week for them to come in, but they were sturdy and you couldn't beat the price. they just did glasses- no eye exams but no bother, i already had my prescription.

does anything like that exist here around fresno? i just can't justify going to lenscrafters anymore lol. thanks!
7th-Jul-2008 03:02 pm(no subject)
Can anyone recommend a good Acupuncturist and/or Massage Therapist in the area?

I have Fibromyalgia and want to look into treatments that might help me.

married 4.12.08
They are missing thier pit bull dog... flier under the cut!

Read more...Collapse )

Thank you.
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