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LJ'ers interested in Fresno, CA
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23rd-Dec-2010 07:31 pm - Need Mongolian BBQ
So I just moved to Fresno not long ago and I am in need of a Mongolian BBQ. It was a tradition for my friends and I to go out to eat at this type of restaurant on Christmas Eve and I'm having a heck of a time trying to find a Mongolian BBQ here. If you've never been it's the kind where you get the raw ingredients in a bowl through a buffet line and have someone at a large round grill fry it up for you.


For sale $20 OBO

Originally purchased from Costco, in perfect condition. Sturdy construction, all hardware included. Casters on feet are smooth and there is a center support beam for a perfect, no-sag sleep! Make room for underbed storage or room for your dog to hide under when its time to go out!

Getting rid of the frame because we got a bigger bed and got tired of having to get the dachshund out from under it!

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Saturday, January 16, 2010 (doors open at 9pm)

DownTown Fresno (click event for more detials/info line)

VibeRite Presents: Energize 2010! a HUGE yearly event going down in Downtown Fresno on 1/16/10! Featuring a 7 DJ lineup of Local DJ's and Bay Area DJ's! Two KICKASS Go-go dancers who know how to get down, and crazy Visuals by no input!! This party is 10 years strong and comes only ONCE a year. Get ready to dance and get energized!

Don't miss out!

Click Here To View Event

29th-Oct-2009 03:25 pm - New Veggie Friends?
Hello all. I'm looking for people in the Fresno area who are vegetarian/vegan. I seem to have alienated my friends by making this change and need some new people to hang out with. XD
5th-Aug-2009 12:16 pm - help!
kissy face
looking for ideas for ourdoor wedding pix around the sanger area in october... any ideas?


Get ready for a night full of Dancing, electronic music (house, trance, etc), and fun!

Where: The Baywest Ballroom (Fresno, CA...located on first st and bullard)
When: Party starts @ 9:30 PM -1:30 AM

Presale Tickets are $7.00, tickets at the door at $10.00

::Event Guidelines::

* YES Video Cameras / Cameras
* YES Golwsticks

* NO Glass
* NO Sitting on designated dance floor areas!
* NO Illegal substances
* NO Spray Paint/Markers
* NO Outside Food or Beverages
* NO Weapons (includ pocket knives and pepper spray)

28th-Jun-2009 01:54 pm - Urges..
I was wondering if anyone know where one could purchase pork buns here in town? I had some in the bay area but don't want to have to drive all the way up there to get some more.
21st-Jun-2009 10:09 am - Club Descension

Tonight! June 21st and every third sunday of the month at The North Tower Circle. 

Tarot readings by Rudy and Belly Dancers


Are you looking for Gogo dancers for your next club event, music event, or festival? Looking for Promo models to work crowds or participate in your fashion show? well look no further!

We are Flirty Entertainment! We provide Classy and top notch gogo dancers and promo models for various events. We are located in Fresno, CA. and we have girls in Los Angeles as well! Our GoGo dancers and Models are also willing to travel!

We have resident go-go dancers at bliss nightclub in Fresno, upcoming go-go dancers at the Den in Lemoore, and The Edge in Fresno. We have worked with bands (Like Pirate Radio), have had club nights at Club Thaiphoon in Fresno, car shows (Like the annual Renegade events), and other promo events. Some of our girls have worked at Electronic music festivals as well. Our models have also participated and various promo events and fashion shows throughout Fresno.

If you're interested, Please contact Chad!



Here are a few sample pictures:


30th-May-2009 09:15 am - One hot roller derby mama!
Melodica Erotica

Check out this article in the sports section of the Fresno Bee by Matt James, featuring our very own Betty Rocker, a.k.a, "The MOST DOMINANT ATHLETE IN FRESNO"!!!


And don't forget to see Fresno's "most dominant athlete" tonight @ the Fresno Fairgrounds!!!

Red, White & Bruised
28th-Apr-2009 10:58 am - Fresno State moving day for students?
blind melon bee cat
I was wondering: when do Fresno State students typically move out of their dorms and apartments? Are their recycling efforts that handle students' cast-off items for recycling, nonprofit fund-raising, and/or re-distribution to the poor? If so can members of the community get involved? Thanks for answers to one, several, or all questions.
10th-Apr-2009 12:22 pm - Summer Arts Creative Writing Workshop
Uncovering Forgotten Languages of Home

Saturday, April 18, 2009
California State University, Fresno: Henry Madden Library
Enrollement fee: $30

This workshop explores languages and storytelling that in the hectic rush or our daily lives we tend to ignore or to forget. Too often we allow others to speak for us. In this workshop we will create stradegies for rescuing our stories from silence. We will do so by looking back into out past to re-discover languages of home.

For more information contact Jackie at 559-241-6090.

Summer Arts offers two-week long workshops in theatre, dance, music, visual arts, creative writing, new media, and arts education. All workshops carry three units of transferable undergraduate or graduate university credit.

Summer Arts workshops are very intense, usually running 12-14 hours each day, including weekends. This structure provides a unique environment for working intimately with some of the best artists and master teachers in the world today.

Check out the courses at  http://www.csusummerarts.org/courses.shtml.

8th-Apr-2009 08:08 am - Photography Special!
Kiss Me
I am running a special right now, since the weather has been SOOO incredible and this weekend the clouds are going to be spectacular!! The special does not last til this weekend only, it is on going. So if anyone is interested in portraits either for yourself, your family etc, just let me know! The price is $35 for a 1 to 2 hour on location session of your choice, master CD with high resolution files and an online gallery for friends and family. You can view my site at Shebreathes Studios and my blog to see more recent work at Shebreathes Studios blog
6th-Apr-2009 09:18 pm - BBQ/Concert this Friday!
every so often i throw a concert at my house and this is one of those times! this friday, at 6ish we're doing a BBQ/potluck (with a bit of mingling, for the fun!) followed by a concert by LA based band Automatic Hotel! they'll be doing an acoustic show... it's a free concert- though a donation would be lovely as they are playing the gig out of the goodness of their ♥. :)

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1st-Apr-2009 09:53 pm(no subject)
Le Petit Prince

"At 5 a.m. on March 25, 2009, Peak dropped the Jack FM format from the station in favor of news/talk, with the station rebranding as "the FM KMJ @ 105-9", building on the existing brand name in the market of AM news/talk station, 580 KMJ."
Does this statement I found here, http://www.varietyhits.com/variety/markets/fresno.shtml mean that there is no more JACK FM and the only morning radio choices are talk shows?

12th-Mar-2009 08:51 pm - Club Descension


Sunday March 15th and every third sunday


2nd-Mar-2009 03:57 pm(no subject)
There used to be a KMART or SUPER KMART on Olive/Garden State, by the zoo.  It went out of business years ago.  Now there is neon lettering above the entranceg saying "Fresno Super Mall."  The parking lot still seems like it's locked up though and I don't see cars in it. 
Does anyone know what's going on?  Are they going to open something new there?
12th-Feb-2009 11:21 pm - Stuff to do for free that's fun?
blind melon bee cat
Like many people we are being very careful about spending right now. But my husband and I want to have fun this weekend. What are the best places to visit and things to do in Fresno that are free? Are there any free museums or galleries or natural places to walk that don't charge a fee? I noticed that most concerts and even the parks charge admission here. Thanks for your suggestions.
12th-Feb-2009 11:00 pm(no subject)
any good, nice places for valentine's day dinner?
Doesn't have to be really nice
Anywhere where i wont look dumb dressed up



Saturday, February 14, 2009, Elemax Entertainment is proud to present
Love Fair 2009 : The Electronic Affair.

Join us on this night as 6 djs take us on a journey with their
music. From electronic, Trance, and Progressive, it will surely take you
from one state of mind to another place.


The Big Fresno Fairgrounds
1121 S.Chance St.
Fresno, CA 93702
**Inside the Industrial Commerce Building**
Doors open at 6 PM - 1 AM

All Age Event / Bar for 21+
$12 Advance ticket
$15 At the door with no ticket


Advance ticket is available for sale at this site:
Tickets are non-refundable.

Do not buy tickets from scalpers. Beware of fraud.

Advance ticket is also available for sale at:

Cage 5 Designs
4789 E. Madison Ave. #B
Fresno, CA 93702
Tel. 559-454-8366


C&C Concession Stand will be out at this event to provide
enjoyable alcohol beverages for the 21+. I.D. is required
upon purchasing any sort of alcohol beverages. A snack
stand will also be provided.


Skin Shop Tattoo will be at this event and providing the service of
tattoo on the spot. Must be 18+ with I.D. to purchase tattoo.

Glow Sticks will also be sold at the event.


From North:

Take 99 South. Take the 180 East Freeway. Exit off of Cedar Ave.
Go South on Cedar Ave. Turn left on Kings Canyon Rd.
1/2 mile will be the Fresno Fairgrounds on right side.
Turn right into Fair grounds Main Gate and park.
From South:

Take 99 North. Take the 180 East Freeway. Exit off of Cedar Ave.
Go South on Cedar Ave. Turn left on Kings Canyon Rd.
1/2 mile will be the Fresno Fairgrounds on right side.
Turn right into Fair grounds Main Gate and park.


Parking is available inside the Fairgrounds upon entering
the main gate from Kings Canyon Rd. Space is limited and so
arrive early.


Doors open at 6 PM. Arrive early to guarantee a free parking
spot inside the Fairgrounds


Raving Clothing is OK!
There is to be NO clothing with spikes, chains, or any other
decoration that can be harmful to yourself or others.
There is to be NO outside food, drinks, candy/gum, or open
cigarette packs allowed into the venue. Closed, Sealed,
Un-opened cigarette packs are OK.
No makeup, hairspray or writing utensils allowed.
No weapons, illegal substances, drug paraphernalia.
No stickers, flyers, or posters inside the venue.
No soliciting or outside promoting.


Cell phone, digital camera, still camera, one time use
cameras are all ok!
NO video camcorders allowed.
NO outside video production, unless you contact our
office for permission to use our event as your segment.

E-mail: [email]lovefair09@yahoo.com[/email]
E-mail: [email]cage5design@yahoo.com[/email]

Email: [email]lovefair09@yahoo.com[/email] / [email]cage5design@yahoo.com[/email]

Give us a call if you have any questions, Thank You!

8th-Feb-2009 10:35 pm - Double coupons?
blind melon bee cat
Are there any stores (grocery, pharmacy, retail) in Fresno that double coupons, or will accept both a store and a manufacturer's coupon for the same item? Thanks.
8th-Feb-2009 12:05 am - Club Descension

Opening night, sunday Feb 15th
3rd-Feb-2009 05:46 pm(no subject)
Looking for a recommendation for a Tax person.


Thanks in advance!
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